Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) 2018
“I want to give you guys a special thanks for going the extra mile to help us. It was a great turnout and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts from all sides. I enjoyed working with this well-spirited team and glad we participated in this event” - Veronique Rodriguez, NRS Internatonal
“Well organised, supportive and friendly team. Good opportunities for networking, will definitely attend again next year” - Ann Ellis, Mauve Group
“GRV deliver the perfect format - I was able to meet face to face with customers and prospects. Please sign me up for next year” - Sergio Murillo, RED52
The 2nd Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) for Latin America, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico will take place in Bogota, Colombia on the 4th – 6th June 2019, with the annual theme 'Towards A Safer Urban Future'.
Following the successes of last year's inaugural event, RIF is a critical Forum to attend if you are involved within the infrastructure sector across the Latin America, the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico region. The forum brings together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to create a coordinated long-term strategy to combat the challenges faced by this territory and its vulnerability to natural disasters, including hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and droughts, heatwaves, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, tsunami and sea level rise.
Concept & Background
Tragically, and despite being a minor climatic contributor, this region experiences extremely vulnerable geography due to El Niño and La Niña climate patterns as well as tectonic plate boundaries causing geological hazards, exasperated by the highest rate of urbanisation globally.
Rather than repairing damage, it is more cost effective, both economically and in terms of life damages, to invest in resilient infrastructure and mitigate the negative effects of disasters and long-term climate change. Aimed to supplement the well-established GRV Global event ‘Action on Disaster Relief’ which focuses on the critical aid and emergency response to catastrophes across the region, RIF looks at the critical longer term needs. Specifically focussing on 'Preparation & Resilience' for disasters in infrastructure development before they occur, and 'Rehabilitation & Rebuilding'.
Resilience & Preparation → Relief & Emergency Aid → Rehabilitation & Rebuilding
Over the 2-day Forum, plans, projects and investment opportunities will be presented with the aim to incorporate resilience, durability and sustainability into the key sectors of infrastructure. In addition to high-level discussion panels, attending officials, ministers, agencies, developers and financiers will host a series of pre-scheduled, 1-2-1 business meetings with attending commercial organisations who have relevant capabilities to take on these projects. Supported by technology demonstrations, speed pitches and exhibition, informal networking opportunities and capacity building sessions, RIF is a primary contracting platform for the infrastructure sector within Latin America, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.