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Panama 2018
“I want to give you guys a special thanks for going the extra mile to help us. It was a great turnout and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts from all sides. I enjoyed working with this well-spirited team and glad we participated in this event” - Veronique Rodriguez, NRS Internatonal
“Well organised, supportive and friendly team. Good opportunities for networking, will definitely attend again next year” - Ann Ellis, Mauve Group
“GRV deliver the perfect format - I was able to meet face to face with customers and prospects. Please sign me up for next year” - Sergio Murillo, RED52
The Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) for Latin America, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico is taking place in the Dominican Republic on the 26th - 28th June 2018. RIF aims at bringing together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to create a coordinated long-term strategy to combat the challenges faced by this territory and its vulnerability to natural disasters, including hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and droughts, heatwaves, volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, tsunami and sea level rise.
Aimed to supplement the well-established GRV Global event ‘Action on Disaster Relief’ which focusses on the critical aid and emergency response to catastrophes within the region, the RIF looks at the longer term needs of the reconstruction and development process before and after disasters occur. It is more cost effective, both economically and in terms of life damages, to invest in resilient infrastructure to mitigate the negative effects of disasters, than to pay for damage to unprepared communities caused by natural disasters and long-term climate change.
Over the two day Forum, plans, projects and investment opportunities will be presented with the aim to incorporate resilience, durability and sustainability into the key sectors of infrastructure. The attending officials, ministers, agencies, developers and financiers will host a series of prescheduled, one-to-one business meetings with attending commercial organisations who have relevant capabilities to take on these projects. Supported by technology showcase and exhibition, informal networking opportunities and capacity building sessions, the RIF is a critical event to attend if you are involved in the infrastructure sector within Latin America, the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico.
Key Sectors
Housing, Electricity & Energy, Water Supply & Waste Treatment, Telecommunications, Transport, Education and Health. Industries involved will be any of these key sectors that specialise in developing or maintaining infrastructure with resistance to geographical hazards and of long-term quality. Also construction, storm proofing, coastal treatment and barriers, irrigation, locks and dams, dredging for waterway navigation, early warning systems, geological surveying, weather predictions and sensors, ecological monitoring and many more specialised industries in disaster resilient infrastructure. 
This summit will be held over two days with participants having the option to take part in any industry-specific sector spanning the two days. The Summit features: 
  • Plenary sessions to address major issues and opportunities: Public sector leaders will present on their major needs from the private sector, proposed plans and projects for the development of resilient infrastructure within the key sectors.
  • Bilateral meetings between the public and private sector: Roundtable pre-scheduled, one-to-one meetings throughout the summit between government officials and the private sector, financial institutions, development partners and international organisations. 

  • Networking opportunities at coffee breaks, lunch, a formal Gala dinner, as well as informal social sessions to reinforce relationships made. 

  • Exhibition: Developers in the fields of technology will be invited to showcase their equipment, materials, services, innovation, new knowledge and other practices. The exhibition will enrich the discussions by helping to inform policy makers and developers of the various solutions and potential investment opportunities through a tangible and visible element.