2019 Africa Mining Summit
2018 Africa Mining Summit 
2016 Africa Mining Summit
Very useful particularly the diverse range of people from Ministries through service suppliers, insurance, banks and obviously fellow mining companies. Simon Purkiss, CEO - Consolidated Nickel Mines Plc. 
Congratulating you on a simply outstanding truly Pan African Mining conference. Everyone I spoke to was highly complimentary on the format, delegates, arrangements and importantly the value add to their organisation. James Campbell - Botswana Diamonds.
Good Conference and well organised, the topics were informative and debates transparent. The participation by six Ministries from difference countries was the icing on the cake. Charles Siwawa - Botswana Chamber of Mines.
Chairman's Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

It with great pleasure that on behalf of GRV Global, African Union Commission, Government of Botswana and myself that I welcome you all to this prestigious event for the sixth year in succession and fourth year in Botswana.

The AMS20 will once again demonstrate clearly to you by virtue of topical subject matter on the agenda for discussion, growing delegate numbers, depth and breadth of company sponsorship, commodity and African continental representation the clear growth in its importance as the one true pan-African event on the continent.   

The continuous support for this event by the African Union Commission propagates and demonstrates the growing level of alignment and understanding between member states, Ministers and ministries of Mines and Energy, and both the incumbent continental private sector and from private sector investors outside in developing and shaping sustainable exploitation of Africa's natural resources and related industrial profile.

As the world focuses on its growing energy and related metal & mineral commodity consumption needs, while trying to mitigate the anthropological impact from pollutant production, climate migration and impact, energy metals are front and centre.  The targets set for transformation to renewable energy source deployment and lower emissions by IEC Vehicle replacement with EV’s from the global political machine are currently unattainable at any level as we simply don't have the raw materials.

Thus, we need according to a recent world bank estimate to deploy up to US$1.6 trillion of new capital into the mining & minerals development sector to have any hope of producing these raw materials. Accordingly, we expect that the panel sessions will be focussed on such topical issues and challenges addressed in a strongly interactive discussion.

In conclusion, the mining & minerals development sector in Africa can deliver the required commodity development opportunity both in the immediate term and the coming decade, while the investment trend in energy-related commodities, and/or the Junior Mining Equities that hold such assets or the technologies to enhance them remains strong.  This, therefore, continues to offer all stakeholders and investors on the continent strong fundamentals in the business and in the progressive project developments.
I shall look forward to seeing you there.

Yours Faithfully